Mr Chicken all over Australia by Leigh Hobbs

Mr Chicken is at it again…and this time he has decided to visit Australia!

Inspired by all of the postcards and letters he has received over the years, he knew it was finally time to come to our land down under and meet many of his fans and visit many fascinating places.

Not only is this book entertaining – it is also very informative! As you read along you will learn about many different places in Australia and their big icons, local delicacies, the diverse landscape and the myriad of activities you can take part in.

Mr Chicken explores the boab trees of Western Australia, the beaches of Queensland, the Tasmanian Devils of Tassie, Uluru in the Northern Territory, the trams of Victoria, the city of Sydney in New South Wales and the underground of Coober Pedy in South Australia! 

Teachers can use this resource to explore the diversity Australia has to offer and the interesting names many towns have.

Leigh Hobbs illustrations are lots of fun and Mr Chicken himself provides a lot of entertainment.

They provide more detail to the story – a great book to use to show the importance of pictures in Picture books!

The end pages are filled with lots of real letters from Leigh Hobb’s (and Mr Chicken fans) and could inspire some more letter writing from your classroom. 

What can you do in the classroom?

  1. Try to plot the different places Mr C. visits on a map as you read a second time.
  2. Find all of the ‘biggest’ icons in Australia and find real photographs and reasons they exist.
  3. Have a debate on which food you think is Australian and why.
  4. Write a letter to Mr C. telling him why he should visit your suburb.
  5. Create an itinerary for Mr C. if he was to visit Australia again.

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