Sidney Opera Mouse by Graham Hosking and Inky Stone

Sidney wondered what adventures his escape would bring.

He hoped to find a magic place where he’d make friends and sing

Sidney Opera Mouse by Graham Hosking is a wonderful rhyming picture book that highlights the beauty of friendship, song and of course travelling through Sydney!

Meet Sidney, a mouse who loves singing but unfortunately is stuck inside a cage in a pet shop. But luckily for Sidney, a storm rages above and crashes open the pet shop door and his cage – allowing him to escape and follow his dreams of singing, travelling and making new friends who understand him!

Children will love listening to the clever rhyme, seeing the different places he visits and watch him overcome his fears.

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This book is written in rhyme that is easy to follow and understand. Students can learn about rhyme through this playful picture book and the use of beat and rhythm within each stanza.

Sidney, the main character struggles with belief in his own abilities so this book is a great talking point to discuss how important it is for us to realise what we are good at. 

Children can explore the city of Sydney through this picture book and the idea that travel can open up our minds as we meet new people and see new places. It is a great way to link in geography, distances and different modes of transport. 

I have written some great teacher notes to accompany this book so please check them out here under resources:


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