Roo knows Blue by Renee Treml

Who knows blue? Roo knows blue!

This joyful picture book will have your young child laughing along as they listen to the story and see the illustrations of a young kangaroo who either loves blue too much or doesn’t know his colours very well!

Written in rhyme, Roo knows blue, will allow young children to listen to rhyming words and as the understand the pattern, guess what the next word might be.

Little Roo is hopping along, exploring the neighbourhood and all of the fabulous colours out there.

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Alongside Roo is a friendly possum who has to keep on telling Roo about the different colours they are seeing because at first Roo only seems to know one – Blue!

This picture book is a marvellous way to explore the different colours in the Australian bush and may even inspire a local bushwalking to see not only the array of colours but the various shades of each one.

Renee Treml’s illustrations are fabulous – with the background and objects on the page in the corresponding colour whilst Roo and Possum stay their colour the whole way through. The technique of collage makes this book a stand out from other books and of course the cute Roo and Possum add to the charm as well.

Buy now – click below for a direct link to Booktopia

What can you do with this book?

  • Explore colours and the rhyming words that go along with each colour. Explore colours like orange and purple!
  • Explore other animals that live in the Australian bush
  • Link in with flowers, fruits and vegetables and the colours they are. Group these according to colours and explore if there is a more common colour.
  • Rhyme – use this book to inspire some simple poetry.
  • Explore other books by Renee Treml to look at her divine illustrations of Australian animals.

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