All bodies are Good Bodies by Charlotte Barkla and illustrated by Erica Salcedo

Published by Little Hare Books

What makes you special? What do you have as part of your body that makes you different?

All bodies are Good bodies by Charlotte Barkla and illustrated by Erica Salcedo is a picture book that celebrates all the different ways our bodies can look and why every type of person is special in their own way.

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Each double page spread begins with ‘I love…..’ and then outlines the different types of eyes, hands, noses, hair, mouths, arms, legs, ears and tummies that there can be.

Children will love reading this picture book with others and looking at how they are all so very different even in the smallest of ways. 

Written in rhyme, readers will also see how to put together short rhyming verse with easy and simple to use language. 

Erica Salcedo’s illustrations brighten up the story and help to show that we can all be very different. 

This is a great book to use to develop children’s body awareness from a young age and to start to understand that we do not need to look the same, we do need to be different to know just how special we are.

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