A flamboyance of flamingos by Jennifer Cossins

Have you ever wondered what a group of koalas are called? How about the big group of cockatoos eating in your gum tree? Or those hungry looking polar bears?

Well, this book has all the answers for you in a lovely little compendium called ‘ A flamboyance of Flamingos.’

This smaller version of Jennifer Cossins 101 collective nouns is a great size for gift giving, small hand holding and cosy book nooks.

The true to life colours leap out of each page as we see the various groups of animals gathering together forming a collective noun that you’ll always be surprised with!

I love this book and the accessibility that Jennifer Cossins has given to these nouns. They are often forgotten and misused but with the ease of this book, you will find it alot easier to remember!

Highly recommended for classroom teachers to not only teach children about collective nouns but to enhance their creative writing skills – who really wants just a flock or group of cockatoos when you can have a crackle!!


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