Can you hear the trees talking? Discovering the hidden life of the forest by Peter Wohlleben

Greystone Kids & New South Books

In this book, you’ll meet big trees and tiny ones, brave trees and fearful ones, tree best friends and trees that like to be alone. 

Can you hear the trees talking is a stunning information book for children with images of different types of trees, animals that live in them and how people interact with them.

Broken up into 7 chapters, this book explores trees in depth but set out in a way that children will understand and enjoy.

With small quizzes throughout the book, activities to try and sub-sections asking children to look more deeply, readers will learn so much more about trees than they ever thought they would!

Each double page spread asks a new question in the title and then answers it through small examples, images and links to the reader’s own world.

You’ll be able to learn if trees sleep at night, how tall trees can grow and if trees have grandparents! 

Can you hear the trees talking? Is an excellent resource for those wanting to learn more about the natural world. It is also a great book to encourage kids to take part in some simple science experiments and observations.

Highly recommended for classroom teachers to explore different types of forests (links to Geography) Life cycles and the natural world (Science) and informative texts (Literacy)


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