Final storm by Deborah Abela

In a world of wild weather, is anyone safe?

Final Storm is the third book in the Grimsdon series – and the first one I have been asked to review – so I needed to go back to the start and what a great series I have been able to read!

Deborah Abela wrote these books when she was mad – and probably still is – at the inaction of government. You can feel the passion for the environment through the main characters and their fight for survival through terrifying storms, hoverboards, rescue eagles and still corrupt government!

Final Storm is a heart racing book that cannot be put down and one which young readers will devour. The characters – Isabella, Griffin and their friends are relatable to kids who want to make a difference, who often know better than the adults around them about the state of the world and who can think and solve problems for themselves. 

If you haven’t read the first two books in the series you could easily pick this one up, but I highly recommend reading them all to take part in this adventure series in a world which although dystopian, could be ours if we don’t step up soon.

Final storm is a great book to use in the Stage 3 and above classroom with a focus on character study, sustainability and plot. 

Check out Deb’s website here:

Trailer for Final Storm here:

Teacher notes here:


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