Feeding the Birds at your table. A guide for Australia by Darryl Jones.

Do you feed birds in your backyard or off your balcony? Have you ever considered whether this is helpful or harmful to them?

This book has been highly recommended by Paul Sullivan, the CEO of Birdlife Australia so it is one to take seriously, read up and make sure you are doing the right thing by feathery visitors.

Broken up into 6 different sections you can learn more about:

  • the type of food you feed the birds.
  • how food can play havoc on their systems.
  • the types of feeders you use to prevent disease.
  • Where they can nest and move about when not near your feeders.

You can also get specific information about more common birds – what to feed them often, sometimes and never.

This is an easy to use book and one which I will be referring to often and passing around with my bird loving friends!


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