Bille by Nicole Godwin and Demelsa Haughton

Billie adores surfing. She loves the wildness. The height. The thrill.

Billie is a dolphin who loves to play and surf in the waves. But as Billie discovers, sometimes the waves are not always as they seem.

Sometimes they carry leftover fishing lines,

Sometimes pieces of trash,

Sometimes Billie watches fellow dolphins trapped or harmed,

And other times, toxic sludge floats on by.

But Billie swims on, knowing that with determination and friendship, she can make a difference.

This picture book is told through the careful collaboration of illustration and words. Nicole Godwin has told this story in a careful way, that without looking at the illustrations, you might just think is about Billie catching waves in different places around the ocean. But with the addition of Demelsa Haughton’s illustrations, we see what Billie is really swimming through – and these illustrations tell the awful truth.

Nicole Godwin has shared this message in a gentle way – showing the reader that despite the current conditions of the oceans, we can still make a difference if we join with our friends, family and community.

Facts fill the final pages at the end of the book which tell the reader about dolphins and the ways in which they are being harmed.

Billie is a great book to springboard into discussions about how we can reduce our impact on the environment. It is a book with a serious message that we can take away into our own lives yet it also offers hope that there is time to make a change and a difference.

More of Nicole Godwin’s books can be found here: and

Billie is a wonderful book to be shared with families around the world, to take notice and to know that dolphins and many other sea creatures rely on us to make a change for their survival.

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