Detention by Tristan Bancks

We’re good people in a bad situation. That’s what Mum always said

Detention is Tristan Bancks’ latest book and it is as heart stopping as it is heart wrenching.

The story begins with a group of detainees trying to escape their detention centre in Australia. It’s the middle of the night, it’s silent and it’s dark. And it is here we meet Sima, a young girl who is in a detention centre with her family.

We know they have done nothing wrong except for being refugees and we know that Australia’s tough policies have destroyed many innocent families hopes and dreams for a safer life.

But this story has hope – and shows that change is possible.

Sima escapes the detention centre amongst the chaos only to find herself alone, that is until she meets Dan, a young Australian boy who has many troubles of his own with his home life.

Dan musters up the courage to keep her safe and Sima learns to trust him and see that there are people in society that care for her wellbeing.

This story moves at a fast pace that middle grade readers will lap up. They will move along with Sima and Dan, understanding their every move and knowing that it is something that they themselves would likely do as well.

Tristan Bancks really harnesses the thoughts and feelings of the middle grade reader, writing in a way that they, the reader, can believe that this story could be theirs as well, that they could easily make the same decisions and feel the same feelings that they main characters do.

Tristan Bancks has drawn upon this topical issue very well and highlighted the human factor in this terrible process.

Detention tells the story of the people who are desperate to start a new life, laugh again and feel freedom.

Any country that has a safe place should be more willing to care for these people and no children should ever be subjected to detention centres. This book proves change can happen, hope is present and with pressure from the small voices of society, we as a large society can become better.

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