Kisses in your heart by Sonia Bestulic

These kisses carry my love inside, hold your head up, glow with pride.

Love from a parent is one of the most enduring loves we can have. Sonia Bestulic’s picture book, Kisses in your heart, shows the love that a mother has for her daughter not only when she is with her but when they are apart.

This book shows the importance of knowing that someone is always thinking of you, someone thinks you are wonderful and someone believe that you are important.

Kisses in your heart is cleverly written in rhyme with adorable pictures to accompany them.

Something important to note about this book is that is not necessarily about physical kisses – but the thoughtfulness, the kind actions and the care we extend towards others.  

It is about believing in yourself and that you are just as important as anyone else and that despite how awful you might be feeling, there is always a glimmer of love in your heart.

Children and parents will love reading this story together, sharing stories of love and kindness between one another.

Children will see how important it is to believe in themselves and that no matter where they are, love will always follow them.


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