True animal tales: Kung Fu Kangaroo by Merv Lamington and Allison Langton

Based on a true story, Kung Fu Kangaroo is a feel good story about finding what you are good at and being able to help others.

Meet Chops. She comes from a long line of boxing kangaroos but there is one problem – she is not interested in keeping on this family tradition and dreams of being something different – A KUNG FU KANGAROO!

But although Chops tries hard, she just can’t do the moves and with a heavy heart leaves her home and all of her friends to try and work out who she is.

On her journey she not only discovers the world beyond her family home she also meets a friendly farmer called Len.

It is here when Len has an accident that Chops discovers her true ability and saves the day!

Based on a true story about a kangaroo who did save a farmer, this story shows just how wonderful animals are – and how wonderful each of us can be when we stop comparing ourselves to others and realise how great we each are.

Kung Fu Kangaroo is a wonderful story to teach children about believing in yourself, realising your own strengths and trying new things.

It is also a great story to show children how a simple Factual story can be changed into a work of fiction – making stories like this more accessible to younger readers.

So what else can you do with this book?

  • Explore other books in this series: True animal tales
  • Look at some other true stories and discuss how we can ‘anthropomorphise’ animals to create a fun story.
  • Discuss the need to believe in yourself and how important that is in our every day lives.
  • Learn more about kangaroos and how they have interacted with humans over time.

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