Can you find 12 busy bees? By Gordon Winch and Patrick Shirvington

Come into my garden, can you find who is living there?

Another beautiful partnership between both equally talented Patrick Shirvington and Gordon Winch has arrived in Can you find 12 busy bees?

Their previous book – Can you find me? explored the different habitats of animals in the wild.

This book explores animals closer to our homes – in our own backyards and allows children to see what they get up to.

Each double page spread focuses on a different animal – counting 1-12, starting with one blue tongue lizard and ending with 12 busy bees.

The illustrations show the different animals as they move in the garden, how they eat and where they live. They are life like and children will recognise trees, fences and shrubs that they may see in their daily lives.

Young children will enjoy looking for the different animals and then wondering if they have these animals hiding in their own backyards, local parks or natural spaces.

Younger readers will also love the repetition of each page ‘We live in the garden’ and the little clues that tell just a snippet about each animal.

You can spring many different learning activities out of this book

  • Start your own clues for different animals in the garden or local green space.
  • Look at the style of illustrations for each animal
  • Look at the use of alliteration to describe animal
  • Go outside on a counting hunt!
  • Look at the different shades of green in the book and compare to the different types of green that are outside.


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