Playing with Collage by Jeannie Baker

I’m not sure about you but I love watching my children collecting stuff wit and creating things with them – rather than leaving them in my pocket and they end up going through the wash and…

In Jeannie Baker’s new book, Playing with Collage, children – and their adults, can explore all of the different colours and textures we can use from the world around us (without spending a cent!)

Jeannie Baker has genersously shared how she uses different materials to gain different effects, how she colours plain collections and how she jazzes up something simple like cotton or material.

Many children’s art and craft books ask for money to be spent in order to create great art works. And many of these products are not environmentally friendly and often not easily found.

But this book – all of the things in here can be found outside, in the kitchen and in the scrap drawer.

Colours can be made from different spices and food scraps. Texture can be made from bark, seeds and dried clay and patterns can be found in old magazines.


Playing with Collage

Playing with Collage is a great tool to have in the classroom and at home as it shows how much we can do with simple objects. It shows the beauty of nature and our own creativity -and the fact that when we look at things a little differently, we can create anything.

Playing with collage is a wonderful picture book to use and be inspired by! The visual arts classroom, the bushwalking trips, beach combing days, the spiced up kitchen and the home craft box is waiting!


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