National Tree day reflections

You may be participating in National Tree Planting day at school or in your community over the dates 26-28th July.

This is an important day and recent studies have said that if we plant more trees now, we can start to lessen the effects of Climate change in the future – something we all want!

Tree planting is fun and we can all plant something over this weekend but we need to continue the awareness so we can make tree planting, shrub planting or even herb planting a natural part of our daily lives.

These books are a great inspiration for planting more trees:

The Wonder of Trees by Nicola Davies and Lorna Scobie

The Last Tree in the City by Peter Carnavas

One Tree by Christopher Cheng

The Gum Family Finds Home by Tania McCarthey and Christina Booth

SongBird: Rainforest Rescue by Karen Tyrrell

I love this Tree by Anna Clayborne


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