Every child a song by Nicola Davies and Marc Martin

On the 20th November we will celebrate the the anniversary of the UN declaration on the Rights of the Child. This year, 2019, we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of this declaration and reflect on what these rights mean for all children around the world.

Every child a song, written by Nicola Davies and illustrated by Marc Martin explores what every child born should have.

They should have the freedom to learn, to think freely and to be loved.

All children should be able to explore their individuality, be nourished, cherished and celebrated.

Nicola Davies’ words sing the love each child should receive in easy to understand language for young readers to know what they should have. She also explore that the UN declaration of rights isn’t about what we want (lollies, endless TV or more toys) but the ability to play outside, to learn about who we are and to belong to a loving community.

Marc Martin’s illustrations shine hope where we have hope but also show the darkness when children are not able to access these rights. They show simply through lack of colour and facial emotion how life can be for children whose rights are not respected.

The ending of this book gives hope – if we all raise our voices then we can ensure that ALL children of the world can sing their song

A melody the world has never heard before.

Unique and tiny.


But never quite alone.

So what can you do with this book at home and in the classroom?


Explore the UN declaration on the rights of a child. Explore the triggers that made this bill of rights become universal.

Explore if the world has changed for the better because of these rights.

Look at the rights and discuss if any changes should be made, added to or taken away.

Visual Art

Explore how the art accompanies the words in this picture book. How are emotions felt on each page? Look at the colours, the use of space and the body language.


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