Kindness makes us strong by Sophie Beer

What is kindness and how does it look to different people and different situations?

That question is answered in this colourful board book written and illustrated by Sophie Beer.

Kindness is a chocolate chip cookie, Kindness is sharing the crayons, Kindness is sharing the road.

Sophie Beer has used simplistic language for young children to explore what kindness can look like. Kindness can be one of those topics that is tricky to understand – as we can all see it in different ways.

However, what this book does it helps children – and their adult readers to see that when there are good intentions, kindness lies underneath.

Being kind can be an abstract idea for many young children but this picture book explores all the ways children can be kind through sharing at school, encouraging words to others or an empathetic hug.

Kindness is what makes a community and understanding how we all act in a kind way is important. Everyone can show kindness in different ways and by allowing children to see this, they can know what kindness can be.

Kindness makes us strong is one of those board books to have at home, in the preschool room and the early years of school. Not only can you talk about kindness but you can discuss the importance of a happy community and the joys of being together.

What else can you do?


Kindness – what is the opposite of kindness? How can we show different ways of kindness. Can animals be kind? Can we measure kindness? How do our faces show kindness? Does everyone show kindness in a different way?

You can use surveys to find out the difference among your family or classroom just to show that we all see the world in different ways – yet we all want the best for each other too!


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