Incredible Journeys: Discovery, Adventure, Danger, Endurance by Levison Wood and Sam Brewster

Everyone loves the thought of going on an adventure into the unknown perhaps on the path to discover something new. Going on a journey is a part of human nature and something that we all relish in whether it be close to home or far away.

Incredible Journeys: Discovery, Adventure, Danger, Endurance is a book for young explorers. Not only will it teach children about the wonderful history of our world, it will also allow them to see the beauty of places and the wonder adventure brings.

Levison Wood is the author of this book and retells each of these journeys through his own experience and through research of those who have journeyed before him. He embarks on the paths of our ancestors, discovering what they saw and how they felt about it.

This book can be read front to back, following the route of Levison’s journeys or it can be read in any order you wish.

If you’d like to know about the Galapagos Islands and what Charlie Darwin discovered, venture to page 40.

Or perhaps you would like to know who tried to find out where the source of the Nile River started.

We loved reading about the female explorers, Mary Kingsley, who showed the world that women could also be explorers.

Levison tells us of the land as he sees it now but also draws on historical recounts to tell us why people went to those places in the first place. It is the combination of adventure, history, geography and science that makes this book stand out, even if you have no idea who Levison Woods is (like me!)

Sam Brewsters vibrant illustrations bring each story to life as we see the originals explorers, read simple mud maps and watch the actions of the people who have been before us. The illustrations add so much to each story and also allow for younger readers to enjoy the adventure.

Incredible Journeys: Discovery, Adventure, Danger, Endurance by Levison Wood and Sam Brewster is an excellent addition to any child’s bookshelf as it encompasses science, history, literacy, geography and most importantly….adventure!


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