Sydney Party supplies

Do you love balloons?

Check out these ones: 5ea99ad0c8837b0787ca4e81f5ef5660--animal-balloons-balloon-animals

Or perhaps this type:images-14

Or do you prefer these?images-15

Whichever ones you choose, you’ll know your party will be a hit.


They are colourful, they can be made into different shapes and they can come in all different sizes.

But now we need to change our tune.

Balloons are made of plastic that takes thousands of years to break down and many of these balloons end up in the ocean and then in the stomachs of sea life – eventually killing them.

We can live without balloons – we just need to know that they are replaceable and the replacements are just as good.

What do you think we can use instead of balloons?

Thanks for the inspiration – Humane Education



  1. I’m pleased you’re writing about this, Vanessa. I’ve been saying the same thing about balloons for a long time. I think it’s especially bad when they are released en masse for an event of some kind.

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    • Thanks Norah. I went to a party last week and some kids went to release them so I spoke to them BUT they still did it and their parents just laughed about the dying penguins. Made me very sad/mad. Some people take a long time to realise how much their little actions really harm the world .

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      • Oh my, that is very sad. So many people want that instant gratification and think nothing of the repercussions beyond their own pleasure. This is why we need to start with the education of children. Hopefully they will grow up to be more responsible adults.

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