The Snow Wombat by Susannah Chambers and illustrated by Mark Johnson

Where does snow fall?

The answer is everywhere!


Open The Snow Wombat by Susannah Chambers and go on a wintry walk in the Australian Alpine to discover how the environment changes when it is covered in snow.

The young reader will delight in the map drawn on the end pages and the names of the different places the wombat visits. You can spend time searching each illustration drawn beautifully by Mark Jackson to find different Australian animals who also live in the snow and the various plants and trees that can survive the freezing temperatures.

Repetition and rhyme have been used throughout the story, encouraging young readers to read along and guess which word might come next.

We loved reading this story and had a lot of fun re creating the map, spotting feral and Australian animals and making our own puppets to reenact the story.

The Snow Wombat was SHORT-LISTED: CBCA Book of the Year, Early Childhood, 2017.

So what can you do with this book?

  1. Draw your own map of the story, this will encourage skills of recount. You can also create your own map of where another Australian animal might go.
  2. Discuss the different animals on each page. Which ones are Australian animals? Which are feral animals? Livestock? Endangered?
  3. Learn about wombats and how they live.
  4. Could you write another story about another type of weather?


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