Feathers and Hair, What animals wear by Jennifer Ward and Jing jing Tsong

Fur! Feathers! Scales! Hair! Explore some animal underwear…. 


Bright illustrations abound in this fun and informative picture book by Jennifer Ward and Jing Jing Tsong.


Feathers and Hair, What animals wear enlightens young readers in an exciting way about the different body covers animals have.

Did you know that birds have four different types of feathers?

Or that Armadillo’s are covered with bands of hardened skin?

Not only will your child have fun reading this story and looking at the vibrant pictures, they can also learn some extra facts when they turn to the back few pages.

So what can you do at home?

Learn more about these interesting animals!

Get out the colours and draw your own versions of these animals.

Talk about if you have ever seen any of these animals in the wild or the zoo. Making connections is important to real life events and picture books.


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