The baby animals book by Jennifer Cossins

If babies of any kind were not cute – what might the world be like?

How have names been created for the different baby animals? 

How many animals in the world are endangered and how can baby animals help humans to realise this?


The baby animal book by Jennifer Cossins is a colorfully illustrated story which takes us on a journey to teach us about the different names that baby animals have.

What do you call a baby penguin? Or a baby owl? Or a baby peacock?

We were surprised by the different names given to each baby animal and as a challenge are going to try and commit these to memory . This challenge won’t be too hard as Jennifer Cossins’  illustrations are not only fun to look at but they are also detailed yet not too overwhelming. These illustrations allow the reader to see how the animals move, how they might care for each other and the different colour between parents and children.

The baby animal book is a wonderful addition to Cossins other books (A-Z of endangered animals and 101 Collective nouns) which again are informative in a simple manner yet engaging and inspiring.

So what can you do at home?

  • Choose some other animals that aren’t in this book and find out what their baby names are.
  • Do some baby animals have the same names?
  • Are any of these animals in your home country?
  • Are any of these animals at your local zoo?
  • Are any of these animals endangered and what can we do?
  • Compare the life cycle of two different baby animals – look at how fast they grow, how long they stay with their mother and the different abilities they have.

Enjoy reading this book and engaging with the pictures as you learn about the different names of baby animals!


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