Du Iz Tak? by Carson Ellis

Have you ever wondered what language bugs speak when communicating with each other?

Well wonder no more – be inspired by Carson Ellis‘ gorgeously creative, exquisitely detailed picture book about the world of insects and the life cycle of plants.

Du Iz Tak? is written in the imagined language of bugs and starts off with some insects wondering what a small green shoot coming out of the ground is. The insects call on a wise bug to tell them more and as the plant grows we see the natural world and the many different ways natural things change over seasons.

The reader explores excitement of new growth, distress of sharing, pride, decay, loss and wonder all through the simple growth of a new and wonderful flower.

We often take for granted the growth of new flowers but forget to think about the insects who help it grow by fertilising or aerating the soil, insects who protect the seeds and nurture it in the colder months and insects who need the new growth to grow themselves.

Du Iz Tak? ignites imagination and should inspire you to go outside and watch some plants grow, see who visits them and talk about why we need these amazing small parts of our lives.


Du Iz Tak?

So what can you do at home?

 – Plant some seeds and watch them grow.

– Take a magnifying glass outside and see how many insects you can find.

– Create your own language that you think you local bugs would use.

– Show wonder at the real world – our actions speak louder than words.


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