For the love of Veggie patches

All children have a strong interest in how things grow and no matter how small your gardening space is, there is always space to grow a seed or two that will flower or is able to be eaten.


Why do children need to watch things grow?

  •  Growing their own food encourages better eating.
  • Children understand the process of seed to fruit
  • Children learn how to nurture something through monitoring how much they need to water, check if the soil is healthy and if the plant is getting enough sunshine.
  • Gardening can be a solo or group activity – both have amazing benefits.
  • Touching soil and getting outside is not only good for the soul, there have been links to our mental and physical health.
  • Gardening ignites curiosity and an appreciation of nature.


How can you grow at home?

Buy some seeds through a seed savers group – this means little plastic waste and support for plants that have not been commercialised.

Try to look for native flowers where possible.

Keep a seed diary when you do plant your seed so you can monitor what is happening throughout the week or two.

Read some books that inspire gardening. Here is a wonderful list of books for you to read.

Grug and his Garden


A patch from scratch


The magnificent tree


The curious garden 


My magnificent Jelly Bean Tree

FullSizeRender 3

Liv on Life


Do you have any great gardening books to share with me? 


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