In the Forest by Anouck Boisrobert and Louis Rigaud.

Printed on responsibly sourced paper and printed with environmentally friendly soy ink, In the forest is a feast for not only the ears but also the eyes and hands.

In the forest everything is green, everything is full of life…

The reader is allowed to explore the beautiful pictures in this story as they pop up along side the words. EAch page shows the diversity of the forest until man comes along and starts to destroy it.

Before our eyes we watch the forest become decimated….but luckily in this world there are people who care.

We often focus on the negative events in this world and forget about the people who are on the ground caring for these places and making a difference. We can all make a small difference and we can all lobby large companies to make bigger differences. Without energy from people who care these forests will get destroyed and will never return.

In the forest highlights the importance of stopping to look at the beauty around us. It also highlights the important role that we all have in creating a better world for us all to live in.


So what can you do?

  • Try to create your own pop up story!
  • Why is there a sloth on each page and what is the importance of this sloth?
  • Many people say that Trees are the lungs on the earth – is this true? Can we make robotic lungs instead?
  • Take note of the trees in your backyard or neighbourhood. What are the different types and who lives within them?

One comment

  1. This looks like a fabulous book. How wonderful for it to be made from responsibly sourced paper and natural soy inks. A book that practices what it preaches, and it’s sharing an important messages.


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