The real sight words

At home we are finding it hard to engage our little miss on those sight words that can’t be decoded (can’t be sounded out)

She was becoming disappointed that she couldn’t reach the next level so our home approach needed to change.

Here are some things we are now doing to engage with those words that are just too tricky!

– Write the word in water, flour, dough etc – allowing your child to feel the word can help them slow down and think about what they are creating. Slowing down when learning to read is an important skill.

– Slow down to sound out. Look at the word and break it into syllables. Breaking even tricky sight words into syllables can help.

– Write some crazy sentences!

– Write down a set of instructions to make some type of food. The your child sees purpose in what they are reading.


– Read a book they are interested in and show them where their sight words occur. Your child could even join in reading those sight words!


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