The ABC book of Food

Have you ever been asked where your apples come from? Or have you ever wondered if your child knows how bananas are grown and that they don’t just appear in a supermarket?

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The ABC book of Food by Helen Martin and Judith Simpson is an informative book for the young and old who need reminding about where their food comes from!

Many of us have only ever used the supermarket for food shopping so take little notice of where the food we eat every day comes from. However, this rhyming picture book enlightens the reader and teaches us the many different pathways food takes to make it to our table.

Each piece of information is accompanied by colorfully drawn illustrations drawn by Cheryl Orsini that show the many different ways food plays a role in our lives.

So how can we use this book?

  • Talk about where your food comes from. Open up the cupboard up read labels to see what is in each product and where it is from.
  •  Where are your fruits and vegetables from? Look at a map of your country to see where they have been sourced from.
  •  Is there food you can live without? Perhaps consider food kilometres when having this discussion.
  • how can you grow something of your own?
  • Compare how people look in the different food situations. Are their common themes? Are there differences?
  • Create a production line to layout how your food comes from the farm to it’s current state.




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