Sounds to help reading

Learning the alphabet and the sounds associated with each letter is the first place parents and teachers should be looking at when helping their child to learn how to read.


My previous post on sight words was read by many which made me think how much importance parents do place on the skill of reading. As parents we play a very important role and can help your child learn, just as much as your child’s teacher does.

Most schools will be introducing at least 2 new letters per week and the different sounds associated with that letter but parents can play an important role in reinforcing those sounds through short, fun activities.

  • Link in with the sight words – Group your sight words according to initial sounds. This will word best with decodable sight words.


  • Ask your child to find the same letter on a page in a book. Point to it and parent can read the word out loud.


  • Parent points to a letter in a book and asks child to make the sound of that letter.


  • Ask your child to look around the room and find words that start with a sound. Discuss if the sound might start with a different letter.
  • Make different letters with letters, sticks, leaves etc . It is a great way to make sure they are forming the letter in the correct way.
  • Find an old book and allow your child to circle around a particular letter. Read each of those words out loud and discuss if the sound changes. It is important to let your child know if some letters make different sounds so they have those tools ready for future use.

Most of all, have fun with learning letters and sounds.

And keep reading for pleasure every day!









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