Lucy’s Book by Natalie Jane Prior and Cheryl Orsini

Libraries are full of adventurers, scouting out the prized treasure and seeking new pathways to undiscovered lands and long lost times times – don’t you think?

I’ve always loved libraries – the quiet space, the smell of the books and the opportunity to read and discover many new things.

I can still remember my primary school library and the local library so they must have been pretty special places.

Lucy’s Book by Natalie Jane Prior and Cheryl Orsini is a wonderful adventure about borrowing books, sharing stories and running away with imagination.

Lucy loves reading and has finally found the perfect book. She reads it over and over and shares it with anyone who has the time. When the book is returned we meet many new readers who devour the book just as much as Lucy has until one day when her book is no longer around.

Lucy’s Book highlights the love of literature that many young children have and through finding the right type of books for each other we can deepen a love of reading.


  • Why did Lucy love this book so much? Why did her friends love it so much? Explore the text and illustrations to find more answers.
  • Why did the librarian get read of Lucy’s favourite book?
  • What might have happened to Lucy if she did not find her book?
  • How might the book feel about the adventures it has?


– What is your favorite book? Draw or write about the book you love the best.


– Re write the story from the Book’s perspective. How did the book feel as it was read by different children and taken to different places?


  • How can book’s be kept in circulation for longer? Design a way in which books can be physically borrowed without being harmed. Or consider how books can remain in circulation (and not be forgotten on the bottom shelf) .


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