International Read to me day

This Sunday the 19th of March is International Read to me day.


Why read?

images-2 We need to read to ignite curiosity.

images-2We need to read so we can achieve our hopes and dreams.

images-2Reading blossoms ideas and imagination.

images-2Being read to helps others to understand the concepts of letters and sounds and how they link together.

images-2Being read to helps us to become better talkers and better listeners.

images-2Being read to helps us to sit still, be patient and take some time out.

images-2We need to read to be employed in most sectors.

images-2Those who are read to more often are more likely to understand the concept of reading earlier.

images-2Learning to love books comes from a young age. Parents need to install a love of a variety of books so there is less chance of becoming a reluctant reader. 

What should I read to my child?

imagesThere are so many wonderful books out there – check out my blog and see if you can access any.

images Find out what your child loves and find books that link in with their interests.






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