Hello to you, moon by Sally Morgan, Sonny Day and Biddy Maroney

Are there places in the world where the moon is not visible?

Some people might say nocturnal animals can be a hindrance – how?

The light fades, the moon rises and the animals come out and here we have Hello to you, moon by Sally Morgan, Sonny Day and Biddy Maroney.


With soft undertones,this counting book explores the night time antics of ten different nocturnal animals as they jump, fly, race and sing under the full moon light.

The pencil illustrations show the glow of different landscapes as the sun sets and moon rises which lead to many questions about why the sky turns different colours.

Hello to you, moon allows readers to explore the whereabouts of different animals around the world as they come out to play through rhyme, repetition, verbs of movement and counting.

So what can you do at home?


  • Where are each of these animals from?
  • What sort of habitat do they need to survive and thrive?
  • Could all of these animals live naturally in the same place? Explore this idea.
  • How does the moon play a vital role for nocturnal animals?
  • Do you think humans have an effect on the moon and therefore the lives of these nocturnal animals?
  • At times the moon cannot be seen due to pollution – how does this effect Nocturnal animals?


  • Before you read each page – guess what each animal is and what it is doing. Allow your child to make up the sentences once they have a grasp of the patterns of each page.
  • Look at the different verbs being used for each animal. Can you think of some more verbs to replace or enhance? Understanding the different types of verbs that can be used is vital to developing not only your child’s writing skills but their vocabulary.


  •  Count the animals before you read the words. Being able to point and count is a great indication that your child has one to one correspondence with numbers and objects.


 Hello to You, Moon


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