Reluctant readers

Do you have a reluctant reader at home?

Here are some tips that might help your child:

  • Visit the library together, whether it be the local public library or of an afternoon at school. By visiting the library together you can find out your  child’s interests and then find suitable books. Remember these don’t have to be novels or fiction, it could be non-fiction too – any reading is great!
  • Become storytellers – tell stories over dinner, in the car or before bedtime. By learning the art of storytelling you can start to engage more in other people’s stories on paper.
  • Read manuals, technology focussed novels and websites – some readers want more hands on reading material.
  • Read a book that has become a movie – your child will feel comfortable with the story line therefore find reading it easier.
  • Try Graphic novels! These are books written in comic strip form with thought and speech bubbles throughout. They engage the reader in a different way and allow them to see more of what is happening. There are many graphic novels for both older and younger readers.
  • Play board games, read a map, write letters to family and ask them to send a letter in return – all of these activities will encourage reading in a non-book environment.
  • Talk to your librarian! Librarian’s know the best types of books in their collection and can take the time to take your child through the different books on offer.

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