The Three Little Monkey’s by Quentin Blake Emma Chichester Clarke

“But that is the sort of thing you have to expect if you have three little monkeys.”

Some people have pet dogs, others pet cats but Hilda Snibbs has three monkeys!  Three Little Monkeys by Quentin Blake and Emma Chichester Clarke is a heartwarming tale for anyone who has loved there own little monkeys!


The collaboration between  Quentin Blake and Emma Chichester Clarke creates a colourful, humourous and timeless picture book which will make you laugh, cry and possibly feel a little anxious!

The Three Little Monkey’s teaches us about patience, love and the things that we do for those we care about.  It also teaches us to perhaps look at situations from different perspectives before we make a judgement.

Collage and pencil form the eye catching illustrations and give more meaning to those big round monkey eyes, despairing Hilda and many marvellous monkey antics!

This is a wonderful read for children of any ages – and especially meaningful to parents through those trying times!


So how can you use this book at home? 

Look at Speech Marks – If the monkey’s could talk – what would they say? Create your own sentences using speech marks.

Download these speechmarks to use when writing sentences OR use them when talking and listening – just put up one when you are starting

Visual literacy – look at the different facial expressions of Hilda Snibb’s throughout the story. How do we know what she is feeling without reading the story? Link emotions to facial expressions. Being able to understand how people are feeling through their facial expressions is a very important tool for everyone. This is a fun way to understand feelings.

Three Little Monkeys


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