The hairy nosed Wombats find a new home by Jackie French.

Did you realise that the health of the land depends on wombat burrows?

How many different species might burrow in a wombat burrow?

Would you trust a wombat dentist?

Square poos…..hmmmm


The Hairy -Nosed Wombats find a new home by Jackie French and illustrated by Sue deGennaro is a gorgeous story based on one of the world’s most endangered species that is now restricted to only two sites in Queensland.  Through hard work by scientists and conservationists the population has risen to 200 but still so much more work needs to be done.


The story of The Hairy-Nosed Wombats find a new home tells us about 176 wombats who were situated in just one place in the whole world and the need to find other locations in case that one place caught fire or flooded.

Sue deGennaro’s illustrations bring a light hearted touch to the story of some of the Wombats being moved to start a new home – first the five big brave boys and then the girls cycling over to start a new life with good green grass and deep cosy burrows.

The Northern Hairy nosed wombat is more endangered than the Panda but there is a good chance that a third home will be found and that the population will keep rising.


So what else can you do?


  •  Do some of your own research on the different breeds of Wombats that there are in Australia.
  • Why are Wombat homes being destroyed?
  • How do wombat’s keep the soil and water of the land they live in in great condition? Investigate wombat burrows and design your own underground home.
  • Using a map, find out where the Hairy-Nosed Wombats live and then research into other locations of different wombats.


  • Questions – Within this story there are a few questions asked. Find those questions and the question marks. Discuss what questions are and why we ask them.
  • Make your own question mark about of natural material, take a photo or glue it onto paper and every day ask a new question about anything at all about Australian animals! Record these questions and find some time to answer them.
  • What is a rhetorical question – these are the types of questions asked in this story. Why did the author choose to write these?


 The Hairy-Nosed Wombats Find a New Home



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