Developing literacy skills through reading

Many of us often read to younger children but think that our older children don’t need this when if fact, if you can make the time, they do! Being read aloud too – by someone if your family help the listener to develop listening skills, think creatively and explore vocal tone.


When you read out loud you can take the time to talk more about concepts and literary devices within the story which you may not explore when reading alone.

Some children may be able to listen to more complex stories than what they can read alone – reading out loud lets them hear those more in depth stories at an earlier age. Reading out loud allows your child to know that they can listen to more difficult stories and may motivate them to engage more in literacy.

Sharing books out loud has power – and can make just as much and perhaps more meaning as Television, radio, podcasts and videos. It has a positive effect on motivation, engagement in topics and interest in new ideas. It also gives families a time to share together, away from daily conversations and technology.

Perhaps this is the week to start putting aside time to share a story!



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