Shock Monday by Gillian Bradshaw

Why walk when you can drive? 

The first step to saving yourself is saving the planet – how? 

Explore the new diet trends of the western world – are they doing more harm than good to our planet?

This book reminds me a little of myself….a mum who is trying to help my children to understand more about looking after the world around them and small children who wonder what their mum is getting up to!

Shock Monday by Gillian Bradshaw starts with ‘ Mum always drives me to school……but this morning was different‘ and from there we see through the young boys eyes the transformation of himself, his mum and his sister as they walk to school.

So many of us rely on cars – and many of us do need to BUT there are also many opportunities to walk and we need to make more use of this time we are given.

Tom notices things he has never seen before, meets new friends along the way and actually starts to enjoy himself.

Shock Monday is a great book for parents to read with their children to show them that walking to school and just being more eco-friendly isn’t too weird!


Inferring skills – use these questions to help build up the skills of inference. Inferencing is thinking about and searching text to construct meaning beyond what is literally stated.

– Before you begin : what could Shock Monday be about? Who are the two children? Read the blurb on the back and then re answer the questions.

– As you read: Where do the children live? Why are they walking to school today? How long does it take them to walk to school? What is the weather like? Why does Tom think his mum should have been a teacher? What time of day are they walking to school? Why does Tom’s bag feel lighter?

Further Literacy

 – Write your own story about something that would be shocking in your house to make it a  more eco friendly house.

– Read the packaging of some products that are claiming to be eco-friendly. Are they really?


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