Isabella’s garden

Are there such things as natural pesticides?

Think: The big supermarkets needs us as much as we need them. True?

How does being lazy help the pesticide industry?

Isabella’s Garden by Glenda Millard and Rebecca Cool is a magical tale about a community growing plants and vegetables in the garden. Through rhythm and rhyme we look at a garden tended to by a loving group of people who not only nurture the garden but also revile in the seasons that come upon them.

The illustrations are bright and active, showing the people enjoying themselves whilst playing in the different weather in the garden

Any child will love this story – if not for the words they will love the friendly illustrations. Happy faces, team work and local animals all play a part in the development of the garden.

So how can we use this book to ignite discussion and action?

Community gardens: Find out where your local garden is and go and check it out. If there isn’t one, start your own patch  = even if it is just a pot on your windowsill, it’s still something.

Join a co op! I have joined a great one called Harvest Hub. They aim to source all of their fruits and vegetables from smaller and more local farms so to minimise pesticides and food kilometres. They are also pretty much plastic free which is fantastic!

It’s spring now – what can you plant in your garden? We have planted coriander, lemon balm, snow peas, cucumbers, zucchni’s, dragon beans, lettuces and lots of sunflowers! Take the time to grow some of these easy plants on your own! We use Diggers seeds. 

Make something from your garden or local farmer! We made some sauerkraut from Lee Holmes’ Heal your gut book – it’s the best I’ve tasted!



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